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Hazardous Materials* We do not handle Hazardous Materials for disposal.

  1. DEMOLITION BY HAND - Hand demolition is not a quick method, because only hand tools are used. However, cranes and supports may be used to hold or lower beams during cutting. Chutes and skips are usually used to get debris safely from the upper stories to the ground. A scaffold or machine-lifted platform may be used. Learn more!
  2. DISMANTLING - Demolishing a wall should be carried out in an organised manner. It’s not just a question of knocking it down - more one of dismantling it in sections. If you simply set to with a sledge hammer giving the result no thought, you’ll simply end up with a huge pile of rubble to sort out. Learn more!
  3. 2+ STORY STRUCTURES - It is usually safest to demolish a building (of several stories) in the reverse order to building it, so the roof should go first. Next, part of each floor is taken out so that the debris can fall through. Chutes, or crane-and-skip are usually used to get debris safely from the upper stories to the ground. Learn more!
  4. OUR GUARANTEE - We guarantee to recycle as much of your waste as possible and dispose of the balance in a responsible manner. All our drivers demonstrate a responsible attitude toward health and safety in the operation of our waste collection services.
  5. MUCK AWAY - We supply a complete economical Muck Away solution to dispose of your waste for whatever job you have undertaken, from landscaping your garden to site clearance or to simply laying a driveway. Learn Mike!
  6. TIPPER TRUCK HIRE - We supply trucks for hire per load and are available to suit the times you require. Our waste disposal and site clearance is a cost effective alternative to hiring a skip. Our 8 wheeler tipper/grab trucks can haul away loads up to 20 tonnes, at very competitive prices. Learn Mike!
  7. SUB-CONTRACT SERVICE - Our tipper trucks carry out regular Muck Away services for local projects and commercial companies in the area. Lorries can also be booked to remove waste you have already positioned ready for collection. This includes soil removal and also the collection of waste rubble. Learn Mike!


Waste is generally considered hazardous if it (or the material or substances it contains) is/are harmful to humans or the environment. Examples of hazardous waste include: 
Asbestos - chemicals, eg brake fluid or print toner - batteries - solvents - pesticides - oils (except edible ones), eg car oil - equipment containing ozone depleting substances, eg fridges or hazardous waste containers etc. IF STILL UNSURE CHECK HERE

Our demolition services at a glance!

MB Digger Hire Worcester

Demolish & Dismantle

Demolition of Buildings and Structures
Dismantling for Reclamation & Recycling

MB Digger Hire Worcester

Types of Structures

Shop, Office & Industrial strip-outs
Wooden Buildings, Garages & Sheds Dismantled

MB Digger Hire Worcester

Commercial Services

Concrete Breaking & Mobile Crushing on site.
Industrial & Commercial premises a speciality

MB Digger Hire Worcester


Domestic & Commercial Waste Reclaim & Salvage (bricks, tiles, slates, timber & all things of architectural interest)

MB Digger Hire Worcester

Waste Dispolsal

Site Clearance plus Domestic & Commercial Waste Disposal
We also sell reclaimed and salvaged materials

MB Digger Hire Worcester

Hazardous Materials

MB Digger Hire is not licensed to handle Hazardous Materials for transportation or disposal.

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